Tuesday, July 27, 2010

to soojin

this is a painting i did for my cousin. it's a painting of her and her friend, kris. i gave this to her for her birthday along with other little trinkets i made.

long live unicorns

this is the unicorn piece i did for wwa's i believe in unicorns show. this is a portrait of a warrior trying to save the unicorn race.

taken by industrial squid

small file

large file

painting inspired by this photograph of my young grandpa and his brothers


it's been awhile, so i decided to post something. here's a 3D piece i did. it's mix media (mostly sculpey) in a shadow box frame. i did this for j+k gallery's wanderlust show.

this is the final piece (small version)

this is a larger file, if you want to see the little details

these are pictures of the individual pieces

one process picture.

patterns/colors inspired by this picture of my grandma