Friday, March 5, 2010


this posting one thing every week isn't gonna happen. i guess i'm just not up for it. but i'm finally posting a few things i've been working on. i still haven't taken pictures of more recent work. but here it is.

dolls i made for my cousin and brother

i made a cowboy and indian doll set for my cousin's two young sons

**i recently edited this post. i had a few other images in this post but it all went to september 2011.


Romina said...

omg Those dolls are sooooo cute!
you should sell them in etsy!
by the way liking your style :)

Whitney Pollett said...

Oh my gooosh!!! These are all so cute and amazing Sinae!! I think you may just be a genius.

Julian said...

the mice are using the tiger's tail :)

if you ever did a cryptid series i'd go crazy

jennifer lee said...

Yay!!! Whooohoooooo! Hip hip hooray for sinae!!!

sparkdoodle said...

yay thanks everyone!!
julian:: i will do a cryptid series!! sounds like a fun idea.

J. A. W. Cooper said...

You're so fucking cool it hurts.

Those plush toys are TO DIE FOR. And such craftsmanship!

You amaze me!

Jacqueline A.X. Jocson said...

You're work is so charming and crafty. Love those button cards and sketchbooks. :)