Friday, May 15, 2009

treasures! lost and found pieces

these are pages from my elementary school sketch book that i found over winter break!

tree twins

this is "my perfect summer" having a pool sponsored by Coke A Cola with blonde asian kids

i was pretending to be an aspiring fashion designer by drawing what my elementary school crush wore that day.

still life, pencil

i really wished i had a straw like i drew it to life

i remember drawing this at the park on rives street

whoa crazy line work

i was organizing/cleaning out my hard drive and found this!
about a year ago i repackaged a tea canister for JT Steiny....
JT's face ended up being the face of the newly packaged tea.


Thomas Yamaoka said...

Awesome! =)

Mike Lee said...

DANG!!! I Love that Tree collage!!!! :) AWESOME!!!