Saturday, January 3, 2009

happy new year!'s been almost two months since my last post. well, this is some of the stuff that i did during the time. hopefully i'll post new things sooner.

this is "mercury" the modern reincarnate woman version of hermes. you can make her move! it's an interactive piece.

this is kat. it's the first page to a very short story about a girl and her cat that dies and comes back to life 9 times.


i actually did this some time last year. thought i'd just put it up cuz i made it the same way as the mercury piece. (paper and board cut outs with acrylic and watercolors and inks)


Julian said...

when is Kat gonna be finished
and can i read it?

Ellison said...

ah you got it all up


sparkdoodle said...

ellison: aww thanks. i was impressed at how i learned how to post stuff online since i hate the internet and all.
julian: the first story's done but it doesn't have any words. maybe you can just see the book one day

Krista Bell Design and Illustration said...

Dude I love the picture of the girl sewing it's so amazing!

Taryn said...

loooove your colors that you use (: