Friday, August 14, 2009


yay. i think i'm almost done...just need some final touches. but i'm off to vegas so i'll deal with it when i come back.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

and then it became an obsession...

for some reason i've been drawing, painting, making things about a parent bird and their kids.
here's some more...

this is STILL IN needs lots of work but i'm already getting bored of it. oh boy.

i wanted to make a 3d version of the bird i painted awhile's the head.

next is the body with feathers!

me being a novice seamstress is an understatement. i suck at sewing but i keep wanted to alter all these clothes i have in my closet. so i decided to draw out how i want my clothes to be altered, show it to my uncle and let him work his magic on my clothes. i thought showing the before and after might be fun. here's the first drawing. wish him luck!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


i'm finally putting stuff up. more will come.
i'm going to post at least once a week so check it out.

i've been doing more collage and mixed media stuff
like the two below.

i wanted to see it without the background.

i did another mama bird with her chick but this one's done digitally.
actually, i just made it a papa bird.

i did this one to cheer up a friend!
i'm not that good painting digitally so i thought i'd practice more.
hope you enjoy!
guess who? a hug for anyone who guesses right.

before and after. i like the after.

something i'm hoping to get paid for. did this in photoshop

Friday, May 15, 2009

some senior work

part of senior show.
series title: the superego and the id
medium: acrylic on wood panel

control freak


lady dragonfly

title: happy campers
medium: watercolor on arches 300lb.
what skinny, old people do when they're not baby-sitting their grandkids.

treasures! lost and found pieces

these are pages from my elementary school sketch book that i found over winter break!

tree twins

this is "my perfect summer" having a pool sponsored by Coke A Cola with blonde asian kids

i was pretending to be an aspiring fashion designer by drawing what my elementary school crush wore that day.

still life, pencil

i really wished i had a straw like i drew it to life

i remember drawing this at the park on rives street

whoa crazy line work

i was organizing/cleaning out my hard drive and found this!
about a year ago i repackaged a tea canister for JT Steiny....
JT's face ended up being the face of the newly packaged tea.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


i did some photo referencing (and some not) exercises with watercolor...i'm just posting the ones that are more successful.

This one's one of the first drawings for a painting that i'm doing.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

happy new year!'s been almost two months since my last post. well, this is some of the stuff that i did during the time. hopefully i'll post new things sooner.

this is "mercury" the modern reincarnate woman version of hermes. you can make her move! it's an interactive piece.

this is kat. it's the first page to a very short story about a girl and her cat that dies and comes back to life 9 times.


i actually did this some time last year. thought i'd just put it up cuz i made it the same way as the mercury piece. (paper and board cut outs with acrylic and watercolors and inks)